A Failed Blog Is Still A Blog (And Other Inspirational Thoughts I Had In The Bathroom)

Such is life: You start a new project because you’re moving abroad and see exciting times ahead, and then these times turn out to be of such excitement you’re completely overwhelmed! – The new friendships you’ve forged, the complexity of a certain Slavic language (Polish, I’m looking at you!), and travelling to secluded corners of Eastern Europe, add to that bad Wi-Fi connection, a stubborn flu that kept inviting itself back into my immune system, and a small bedroom with no desk to sit and work on, and you’ve got yourself an explanation for this failed blog project.

Biweekly posts? Who was I kidding?!

But: A failed blog is still a blog! (Holy moly, the title is making sense now! Aargh!)

Where am I now, you ask?

Well, I’m currently living my best life here in Switzerland. So far, this includes: reading sci-fi horror novels, baking weekly banana bread for myself, splashing in the river, and, oh yes! – writing! I’m back at it with a couple of projects lined up (this blog being one of them). Fingers crossed I keep my desk and don’t make any new friends!

Aw, that’s nice, Noemi-it’s-pronounced-Annoy-Me-Without-The-A, but what about this blog?

Glad you asked! I have a whole list of topics I want to discuss on here: There all the Polish highlights from my time in Krakow that I really want to share with the world (or, you know, the four people following this blog). I want to tell you about a Singaporean-Turkish-Macedonian-Swiss gang and their penis-drawing competitions on the beach, about a Harry Potter themed café in the heart of Krakow, about road trips and disastrous hiking adventures and the heavenly food that is Pierogi.
There are new favourite books I want to talk about, favourite authors, BookTubers, and podcasts. There are more travel stories I want to share, environmental issues I want to discuss, and I want to talk about Antarctica and penguins and Ernest Shackleton.

Finally, I’m just going to copy paste what I already said in my first introduction post: If you want to follow me, I’m most active on Instagram, but you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for stopping by, and special thanks to anyone bookmarking, following, sharing, recommending, or simply not hating this page!
Hugs and butterfly kisses to all of you!


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