I don’t even like artichokes … and other things you should know

Hello friend, lover, stranger, whoever you are, and welcome to my blog!

Before we get this party started, here are a few things that you might find interesting to know about me and my upcoming blogging endeavours.

My name is Noemi, and that’s pronounced something like “No-Amy”, except not really. Try “Annoy me” and leave out the “A”.Annoy-me.”  There. Easy-peasy, right?
I’m 26, and I study Environmental History in Bern – aka in the world’s prettiest city. Last month I moved to Krakow – aka the world’s second prettiest city – for a semester abroad. I speak 0 Polish, despite the three years of classes that I occasionally graced with my attendance as an undergraduate student!
However, because I really like talking to strangers on the bus, I am (semi-)fluent in four other languages: German, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

I used to run a blog called Down the Rocky Road, and it’s still online if you want to have a look at my once-in-a-lifetime experiences of making churros or buying lipstick. I outgrew this blog a while ago and I’m excited to be starting this glittering new project, on whose metaphorical doormat you’re currently wiping your feet!

On Antarctichokes I will discuss the things closest to my heart – books and bookshops, travel, Ernest Shackleton and other stubborn Polar Explorers that have captured my heart, hazelnut-flavoured Polish vodka, Harry Potter, musical theatre, and more books. The goal is to upload a new post on a biweekly basis, but this may be a bit optimistic, depending on how all the vodka tastings will go!

The title of this blog does not represent my love for artichokes in any way. Up until very recently I had very neutral feelings towards artichokes, but a 2am conversation with Samantha put everything I believed to be true in question. It is thanks to her that I now do excited dances at the sight of artichokes in the supermarket, because I so strictly associate them with Antarctica.

I will discuss my obsession fascination with Antarctica lengthily at some point in the future, because I want it to be amazing, and I want you to feel the chills that Ernest Shackleton felt when he was watching his ship sink from the cracking ice floe he was sitting on. (Okay, so maybe not those exact same chills.) I fell in love with the subject of Polar Exploration during an undergraduate seminar, I wrote my thesis on stoves used in the Antarctic huts during the 20th century, and during my master’s I will focus more on present time explorers, the question of national identity, and environmental issues in regard to current Antarctic and Arctic Exploration.

As you may have gathered by now, I get very easily excited by many things. I read a lot, often several books at the same time, and I’m also a prolific writer. I love to travel, but try to fly as little as possible for ecological reasons. I have lived in Switzerland, New Zealand, Honduras, Germany, and now in Poland.
My wardrobe includes a big variety of cat prints and dinosaur T-shirts, and much more dresses than pants. I love the colour pink and polka dots, and my socks almost never match.

If you want to follow me, please don’t do it around town! I’m most active on Instagram, but you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook. If you are extremely and frighteningly fascinated with my life, you can also look at my YouTube channel where you’ll find three videos that my friend Inga made from our travels together.
I also have a German blog called Harnickell Tales which includes less Antarctica and more – what I hope to be – serious writing. Feel free to visit there as well!

That’s it for now, thank you for stopping by, and special thanks to anyone bookmarking, following, sharing, recommending, or simply not hating this page!
Hugs and butterfly kisses to all of you!


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